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Finding a reputable and reliable source for products such as toilet partitions, lockers, moveable walls, tack boards or marker boards can be difficult.

Tri State Supply Company has more than fifty years experience as a well respected distributor specializing in quality products and excellent service for a wide range of customers.



Toilet Room


Visual Display




Mail Boxes


Projection Screens




TV Mounting Brackets

We have also included a few products developed to solve modern day dilemmas.  Here are a few of the items shown under Plumbing Specialties.

Auto Flush Add On Sensor


The No Flush™ urinal by the Waterless Company®


The Wall Gate One Stop Hand Wash Station

With increased health awareness and medical technology advancements, society has developed a high demand for instruments promoting good personal hygiene and sanitary conditions. For example, health conscious behaviors such as the reluctance for an individual to touch anything in a public restroom present a need for eliminating germ contamination concerns.

We have included touch free sensor faucets, soap dispenser and flush valves in our plumbing specialties product page.

There is also a growing interest concerning the environment and conservation of our natural resources.  It is with this in mind that we are featuring a No Flush waterless type urinal that does not require water.  It is very popular in the western states due to concerns about the availability of fresh water.

However, with the rapidly rising costs of water and sewer, the installation of this type of urinal is taking place all over the United States.

In addition, this type of urinal is a recognized GREEN BUILDING PRODUCT.

Our products are found in:

Community Colleges
Elementary Schools
Grocery Stores
High Schools
Industrial Plants
Manufacturing Facilities

Middle Schools
Military installations
Municipal Buildings
Office Buildings
Parks and Recreations Buildings
Penal Institutions
Private Schools
Public Utilities Buildings
Retail locations
Service Stations
Sport Facilities
State and Federal Buildings
Theme Parks
Vocational Schools

Although the original marketing area of Tri State Supply Company was limited to Ohio, West Virginia and Kentucky, our current marketing area is without borders.

However, we will still offer the same personal service and level of expertise that our regional customers have come to expect.

As a result of our recent acquisition by Valley Interior Systems, we will be expanding our installation service beyond Central Ohio to include the Cincinnati, Dayton and Springfield markets.


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