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Tri State Supply will be happy to assist you in the selection and pricing of toilet partitions (compartments) – either for new construction or replacement of existing.  We will be glad to help in modifying an existing restroom in an effort to comply with ADA


Floor Mounted Overhead Braced

Ceiling Hung


Floor Anchored


Floor to Ceiling


Floor Mounted Toilet Partitions - This most economical yet most desirable installation style is recommended for use with lighter weight concrete and plywood floors. An anodized aluminum antigrip handrail secures partitions firmly.

Ceiling Hung Toilet Partitions - Open design provides unobstructed floor area for clean look and economical maintenance. When used together with wall-hung fixtures, the entire floor is accessible for efficient cleaning. Structural steel ceiling supports are necessary to assure proper installation

Floor Anchored Toilet Partitions - Flush top line gives modern, contemporary appearance - especially suitable for low-ceilinged washrooms. Simplified construction permits ease of installation anywhere. For concrete floors only: 2" minimum penetration into floor required.           

Floor to Ceiling Toilet Partitions - Recommended for busy washrooms where abusive treatment is possible and vandal resistance is critical. This construction style is extremely stable and durable since pilasters are anchored into both the concrete floor and the structural ceiling support.

stalls TYPES OF MATERIALS dividers

Powdered Coated Steel - The industry standard. Hybrid epoxy/polyester powder coated finish in a variety of designer colors over galvanized steel is fabricated with roll formed crown molding and a honeycomb core. Economical powder coated steel is available in all four installation styles.toilet partitions ohio

Stainless Steel - The gleaming beauty of stainless steel provides exceptional durability and modern styling. A honeycomb core is glued under pressure to #304 stainless steel sheets and then assembled with roll formed crown molding. The corners are welded and ground smooth for extra strength. Available in all styles in #4 satin or textured finish.toilet partitions ohio

Plastic Laminate - Combines design flexibility with aesthetic appeal and economy. All the proven benefits of high pressure laminate are built in featuring a smooth surface, resistant to grease and stains. Available in a complete complement of designer colors that coordinate attractively with other washroom accessories. Available in all four design styles.  Not recommended in high humidity areas such as showers.toilet partitions ohio

Phenolic - Impact, moisture, and corrosion resistant, the surfaces are smooth and easy to clean. Phenolic partitions are compression molded and ideal for extreme moisture conditions in showers, pools, and saunas, or when maintenance includes hosing down washrooms. Available in all four installation styles in a full array of colors with attractive black edges.toilet partitions ohio

Solid Plastic - The ideal choice for busy public facilities, high density polyethylene (HDPE) or Polyproylene (PP) polymer is highly resistant to stains, common acids and cleaning agents, as well as moisture, steam, and corrosion. Solid Plastic never needs painting and will not easily dent or chip. Available in Floor Anchored/Overhead Braced and Floor-to-Ceiling Anchored styles in a variety of decorator colors.toilet partitions ohio

Tri State can also provide solid plastic with 100% recycled material for Green Building application.

Special Designed Partitions

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ELITE PLUS by Hadrian
Powder Coated Steel
Toilet Compartments Designed for maximum Privacy

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ARCH SERIES by Hadrian
Solid Plastic material Curved doors and panels Elliptical brushed nickel hardware “No Sightlines”


Vanity Tops to match the partitions    (Click here to view image)
Shower Cubicles  (Click here to view image)
toilet partitions ohio
Dressing Compartments   (Click here to view image)
Privacy and Urinal Screens    (Click here to view image)


Availability depends upon the installation style, material type and the color of partitions required.  Some manufacturers may take 4 weeks to ship an order, whereas others carry a number of colors in inventory and can ship in a few days.


  1. Provide a drawing (overhead view) of each restroom - showing the toilet compartments and any walls that border the compartments.

  2. On the drawing, show the width and depth of each compartment.

  3. Show the location of the doors – whether they are hinged on left or right – and if the door swings into or out of the compartment.

  4. Specify the type of installation.

  5. Select the material type you require.

  6. If new construction – show the location of any floor drains which may be in the same area as the compartments.

  7. If you have a preference, specify the manufacturer of the partitions.

  8. Fax the information to Vince.


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