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The UTC Sentinel is the most cost effective, automatic urinal flush control system available today. One system controls multiple urinals offering invisible operation and custom on site programming.


New Construction

Quick and inexpensive installation
Very competitive when installed monitoring a battery of urinals
No individual flush valves to maintain
Designed for long term, fully automated and maintenance free performance

Flush Valve Retrofit

Transforms unflushed fixtures into reliable
automatic system based on urinal use.
Quick and easy retrofit procedure
(handle removed and valve set in open position)
Ensures urinals are flushed after use and eliminates odor caused by non flushing.

Old Style Urinal Tank Retrofit

Can reduce water consumption by 95%.
Quick and easy retrofit procedure eliminates
excessive consumption while ensuring efficient flushing
Typical pay back period is less than one year.
Transforms continuous tank operation to automatic system based on urinal use.


Sensor Unit
The UTC Sentinel includes a high-quality passive infrared motion sensor which continuously monitors the urinals for use. The sensor activation range can be "fine tuned" to ensure activation only after urinal use, eliminating false flushes. The sensor can be surface mounted on the ceiling or recessed for increased vandal resistance.


Programmable Control Unit
In depth research and design, along with leading edge technology has produced a sophisticated unit capable of controlling multiple urinals simultaneously. Easy push button programming and a large L.E.D. display add to user convenience. Flexible programming options allow for settings to accommodate any washroom environment. It can be remotely mounted in any convenient location of out view of restroom patrons - such as adjacent rooms, utility closet or above the ceiling. The controller displays a continuous operational status and tracks the number of flushes to aid in consumption analysis. The controller is assembled following ISO 9002 protocols in one of the most modern electronics facilities in the world.


Solenoid Valve
The UTC Sentinel utilizes a high quality solenoid valve. Its slow activation feature eliminates water hammering. Extra-long service life and low maintenance are features of the heavy-duty design and construction. The solenoid valve is installed in the main urinal supply line for new construction and flush valve retrofits, or in the tank for urinal tank retrofits.
References of actual installations are available upon request

With the UTC programmable controller, the owner has total control over the amount of water (and sewage) is used for flushing the urinals.

-Extremely vandal resistant with out of sight sensor, controller and solenoid valve
-No more sticking flush valves
-Urinals can be flushed (every 24 hours for example) even during inactivity such as summer vacations.
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